is a North American ad aggregator for the Suzuki Jimny.  Specially the SJ413 “Samurai” produced in the 1980s and 1990s.  We focus on displaying ads from across the United States, Canada and the border towns of Mexico.

Site Mission: LogoHow we Create and Manage Listings
Many of the ads displayed on this site are aggregated from popular online classifieds resources such as Craigslist and eBay. Various Suzuki Samurais are cataloged here for easy sorting and access.

We also include ads posted directly to this site via our Ad Submission page. If you have a Suzuki Samurai you would like to list for sale on this site please use the link above or in our Classifieds Navigation.

Our aim is to keep a living and breathing database of Suzuki Samurais listed for sale across the US, Mexico and Canada collectively North America. The goal is to provide accurate tool for developing a fair market value for various Suzuki Samurias based on but not limited to the following criteria

  • Model Year
  • Condition & Mileage
  • Amount of added Parts
  • Level of Customization (Off-Road)
  • Geographic Location

The mission is to provide a tool for both buyers and sellers to use in order to see pricing of various late model Samurais across North America. This is in addition to the primary goal and basic value of the site as a buyer & seller resource for both finding Zuks to purchase and listing them for sale.

Sold Listings & Seller Contact Information

SoldPlease note in order to achieve our goals we do not remove old ads, we do our best to mark them as “SOLD” and remove the seller contact information from the post. We also include a Last Updated date so that our visitors can get an idea of the age of a listing. We do our best to keep them up to date, however for a multitude of reasons is not always timely. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Should you find a vehicle that is sold or no longer available and would like to report it to us; please do so on our Contact page.  Additionally if you are a seller and would like your personal information removed, please send us a message.

Also please be aware that sellers may or many not monitor the posts on this site, so leave comments on listings at your own discretion. Also, the best contact information for each seller has been provided in the ad so if you are not able to reach them, it is unlikely we will be able to assist further in doing so.

The only exception would be for ads posted directly to this site. You will see this distinction under Ad Source for the particular listing you are viewing.


Website Disclaimer

It should be noted that and its owners are not directly involved in the sale of any vehicle listed on this site. The information displayed here is simply done so to facilitate buyers and sellers connecting for the transaction outside of this site. is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Suzuki Motor Corporation or Craigslist. Trademarks and Brands names are used on this site in conjunction with the Fair Use clause of US copyright law. Please see our Terms Of Use for more information about this.

Third party advertisements and links to online sellers such as eBay are also featured on this site. See our Privacy Policy for more on this.


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