Site Updates for March 2019

Hello Samurai Enthusiasts,

We wanted to keep you up to date with some changes to the site recently.  This includes a clean up or our archives, revamped ad submission process and new listings from across the United States.  We also wanted to highlight a recent Featured Seller Listing that is still for sale.  See more about the site change directly below.  For more about the new listings check out all of the details in the update summary.

Site Updates

For Buyers: We have spent time going through all the old archives and removing seller information and marking them as No Longer Available or SOLD.  The listings are still there for reference but our goal is to eliminate confusion for buyers.  For those only wanting to see new stuff, we have added a Recent Posts section.

For Sellers: We have improved and streamlined the Ad Submission process.  Now you can quickly and easily submit your Samurai For Sale.  This is especially true if you already have another ad.  Just give us the link and your contact info.  Don’t have another ad?  No problem we have made the process simple and quick.  There are also new promotion options, so check out our List a Suzuki Samurai For Sale page for more information.

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Update Summary:

Number of Ads: 10
Model Years: 1986-1988, 1990, 1991
Locations: Arizona, California, Oregon

Check out one of our favorites from the update below, along with our recent Featured Seller listing.  Go to our Home Page to see all recent ads.

1991 “Samyota” in Grants Pass, OR

1991 grants pass orHoly moley, this is a back in time leap for me! But beyond that, a way better, more sophisticated build than anything I ever thought of creating, much less having the talent and patience to […]

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Featured Listing

1988 Fiberglass Hardtop in Spokane, WA

1988 Spokane WA1988 Blue Suzuki Samurai with Fiberglass Hardtop For Sale by Owner in Spokane, Washington. Call in person for info No Emails No Texts thank thank you 7am to 10pm pacific […]

[See Full Listing]


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Ad Disclaimer:

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