1988 Softop Middleton ID

Last Updated: 4/15/15

Key Zuke Features:

Model Year: 1988
Odometer: Not Listed
Engine: 4 Cylinders
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Fair

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Idaho
State/Region: Middleton
Asking Price: $1800
Contact:  207-404-4038

I am sad to see this car go because I have had it since I was 15 but I need the money right now. The tires will last a little longer. The back left tire has a slow leak in it. It will need new tires soon. There is a small crack in front of the passenger side of the wind shield. The catalytic converter cracked away from the muffler and I have it patched but needs to be really fixed. Needs a new soft top. I took off the plastic fenders from on top of the wheels but I don’t have them.I replaced the transmission. About a year ago to a transmission that is in good shape. Its a manual. The old Samurai runs great! It does eat oil but that is to be expected with any classic car! Text me at 208-404-4038 will consider offers!



1988 Middleton ID


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