1988 Convertible Jersey Shore PA

Last Updated: 4/19/15

Key Zuke Features:

Model Year: 1988
Odometer: Not Listed
Engine: 4 Cylinders
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Good

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Pennsylvania
State/Region: Jersey Shore
Asking Price: $3K
Contact:  5706605138

This was my daily driver till I hit a deer. I was going to do a full restoration but I just do not have time to mess with it right now. It has a standard 5 speed transmission that works 100%. The 4 wheel drive is one of the best and works 100%. The engine runs very well with the new Weber carb I put on it. It runs so good I never even hooked the electric choke up. It does take a little bit to warm up. It still runs and drives but the radiator does leak due to hitting a deer. In fact after hitting the deer I was able to drive it 5 miles back home. The fender and front bumper got pushed in and it is hard to use the full potential of the steering but if bent back out more it will steer like it should. Only thing it really busted up is the fender and radiator. Most everything can be bent back easily! I got the title back from the insurance company so yes I do have the title but it is a R title now. Not a big deal because you can see the damage. This Samurai has never been beat on plus its unmolested! This is a very fun street legal side by side. The off road capability of these is much like a Jeep but only better. These are hard to break unlike a Jeep plus you get 30 MPG unlike a Jeep you get 14 MPG or less. The mileage is unknown. When I bought it, the miles was exempt. The inspection just ran out.

The extra body/tub is in very good shape. The floors,rockers, and fenders are almost rust free! The hood does have some dents on it. It had alot of extra stuff on it such as the frame, and mostly everything under the hood like the break booster and wires are still there, just no axles and engine. The glass is missing out of the windshield and it has no tail gate. A body in this condition is worth $1000 alone. I have no title for the extra body. The vin number is stamped on the dash not the body so not a big deal.



1988 Jersey Shore PA



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