1988 Convertible Golden Valley AZ

Last Updated: 4/12/15

Key Zuke Features:

Model Year: 1987
Odometer: 146K
Engine: 4 Cylinders
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Good

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Arizona
State/Region: Golden Valley
Asking Price: $3K
Contact: 9287106422

Up for sale, a 1988 suzuki samurai. Clear title can help arrange shipping


worn silver paint job, no rust on frame or body (arizona suv) dent on right rear qtr pannel, both front fenders crunched a little, misc. Dings on hood (can provide more pics)

2 inch body lift brand new tires 235 75 15s exterior lights work including hazards and highbeams, may need stop light switch soon. Windshield has a crack on it upper drivers side, (does not impair view)

doors and tailgate open and close fine, hood latches fine.

Two piece hardtop still in good condition. All other glass is good


worn drivers seat other seats in great condition

dash in great condition original carpet is thin and worn but still there

all gauges work fine

interior dome light works sometimes (contact is loose)

original door pannels, driver side worn passenger side good

heater works on floor setting (maybe a vacumm issue)

ignition switch worn, still works good

radio and cd player work

custom storage bin under rear seat, and custom storage rack under glove box


all original including the carb (need to install a weber eventually) cold blooded need to warm up 3-5 minutes in the winter

oil plug or pan seeps a little oil

no other leaks noticed

burns a little oil, doesnt smoke, except at initial cold start

trani shifts good, is the original transmission stays engaged


engages easily, and stays engaged

system is fully functional

any questions please dont hessitate to contact me



1988 Golden Valley AZ


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