1988 1.3L 5spd in Franklin, KY


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Asking Price: $6,800

Zuk Features

  • Model Year: 1988
  • Odometer: 112,000
  • Engine: 4 Cylinders
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Condition: Great

Ad Information

  • City/Area: Franklin
  • State/Region: Kentucky
  • Contact Name: SOLD!
  • Phone: SOLD!
  • Email: SOLD!

More Details & Pictures

88 Samurai

In very good condition. Not perfect, but very nice. Some dings, dents, scratches, etc.

1.3 liter 4 cylinder, 5-speed manual trans, four wheel drive.

Starts, runs and drives great. 4wd all works like it should. Climbs like a mountain goat.

These trucks did not have a lot of horsepower even when new, so if you need something to sail down the interstate at 80 mph, this is not that vehicle. It will run 80, but it don’t like it. At 60 it is happy and will run that speed all day.

I can be called on my cell phone [REDACTED] 9am to 9pm. No texts, please, they take forever to move information through. If you must text, please be sure to make it obvious that you are not a bot harvesting phone numbers for spam purposes.

Known problems:

Leaking some oil from the rear of the valve cover and the distributor housing seals. Oil is due for a change, running Mobil1.

Throwout bearing is beginning to make a little sound like the bearing is going dry, not bad yet. May quit if the truck is driven regularly. Clutch is good.

When it is first started up cold, it has a miss that comes and goes, if you have the choke set correctly it doesn’t do it. When it is warm it runs smooth as silk and quiet. The plugs in it are about 4 years old. Plug wires and cap/rotor button are new. I have a set of new plugs that go with it.

All the heater stuff (hoses, valve, controls, fan switches, etc.) is in good shape and works properly, but the housing is full of leaves and trash so very little air can pass through it. This is a common Samurai problem. (Google it up) and Low Range Off Road makes a kit to address it. I only drive this thing in perfect weather, so I never have bothered to fix it. Go to Low Range Off Road (LROR) and look at the kit and the instructions they have posted for use of the kit to get an idea what is involved in doing this fix. I did install a LROR cover over the heater intake (see pics) to prevent any more trash from getting in there.

The horn worked when I put the steering wheel on but has since stopped working. When you press the horn button, you can hear the relay under the dash clicking, so the button and wiring are good to that point. Have not tried to chase down the problem yet.

Lots of goodies and modifications.

Nearly new 3-piece Rampage top that allows for several configurations, see pics. Has the dark tinted windows in it. A really great top.

Interco TSL Super Swamper tires with less than 3500 miles on them, mounted on freshly painted Cragar D-10 wheels. A very expensive set of wheels and tires when new.

Brand new carburetor (NOT a rebuilt) with manual choke, runs smooth with no flat spots or hesitation. Tuned properly, bore size matches factory carb so it does not run rich like a Weber does.

Lots of dress up items in the interior, like custom steering wheel with billet mount kit, billet shift knob (custom painted), Budweiser tap handle shift knob for transfer case, billet lighter, inclinometer, billet choke knob.

Dressed up under the hood with a Metro aluminum valve cover, silicone hoses, polished stainless steel header, lots more.

2 inch body lift.

Custom built 4 inch steel front bumper with d-rings and tabs for winch or light mounts.

Removeable doors. All the window cranks, door handles, etc. are in good shape and work properly.

Aluminum Diamond plate door panels.

Custom Cut to fit floor mats in grey “Diamond Plate” pattern rubber. Cut to fit so they lay flat and don’t wander around.

Sony stereo with four speakers. Rear speaker box is on a long cable and can be moved and reoriented to suit.

4:16 to 1 ratio gearing in the transfer case, built two years ago with all new parts, bearings and seals.

And lots more.

Has the optional Tachometer in the dash.

Rare chrome rear bumper.

All the lights work and have good lenses. Front turn signals are mounted behind grille and only show when lit.

Wipers work.

Very little rust. Quarter panels are rust free. Has rust in the passenger side floor, under side of the hood above the battery, and one corner of the cowl where the windshield attaches has surface rust that has been cleaned and painted to arrest it. I have pictures of all these except the passenger floor spot, it its about a third the size of your hand. will try to get a pic of that spot this Saturday if weather allows.

Front seats are out of another car, I bought them at a yard sale and the girl who sold them to me said they may be out of a Buick but not sure. Rear seat is original Samurai and is in great shape.

Nice inside and out. NOT a show truck, but you can take it to shows and not be embarrassed.

Draws a crowd wherever it goes. 10 year old boys go crazy over it.

$6800.00. Not really interested in trading, but if something catches my eye or I think I can flip it and make a couple bucks I just might trade. Will listen to sensible offers but not going to give it away.

Lowballers and squirrels need not apply.

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am the former owner of this Samurai, I ran the original ad on Craigslist and Fcebook Marketplace. I did NOT post this listing. Truck is long gone, and I have no way of canceling this ad. Sorry about the inconvenience, please don’t waste your time calling about the truck, it sold before this ad appeared.They published this without consulting me in any way shape or form.

    • Hey Gibby, you messaged our Facebook page requesting to have it listed on our site. I have confirmation from you on the listing. Maybe you forgot? Either way no worries we went ahead and marked it as sold and pulled your number. Thanks

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